Kevin Kusiolek

Currently Showing:

Salem Arts Association - "Member Showcase" Salem, MA

Marblehead Arts Association - "Variations" Marblehead, MA


Archival Quality Giclee Prints on Canvas are available for select paintings. Custom sizes are available as well, please use contact link for pricing or general inquiries.

Artist Statement:

My current work consists of my observations from life, usually urban areas, and recording them onto a surface. My cityscapes are void of people; creating my own unique world, while attempting to relay a sense of motion. The work becomes a personal response to nature and the environment in which I live and breath. I have a vague idea of how I want my paintings to turn out, but as soon as paint touches canvas, everything changes. Decisions are made instinctively and boldly. Each brushstroke is intentional, attempting to make the perfect mark every time. Since I am only human, I hardly ever make the perfect mark the first attempt, but I allow these mistakes to show through subsequent layers. Splashes, drips, and gestural marks coat the surface. My process gives the viewer a more personal and direct relationship into the creation of the work. Each Fragment and stroke of paint combine to recreate my depiction of the world I inhabit.